Homeless Persons' Week 2014 campaign

Homelessness: we can't afford to ignore it

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Homelessness causes devastating personal harm, significantly impacts on society and costs the government.


Homelessness harms individuals.

Homelessness negatively affects a person's whole life and prevents them from leading happy, productive lives.

Homelessness impacts people physically, mentally and socially.

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government Homelessness costs governments

Homelessness is more than the absence of a home - it can be driven and compounded by interwoven conditions and problems. As a consequence, homelessness leads to a high use of public support services.

On average, the Commonwealth Government spends $15,000 on services for each Australian.  People experiencing homelessness will cost the government $30,000 more each year. Australian governments spend millions of dollars each year dealing with the effects of homelessness.

Studies have shown that addressing homelessness reduces costs to government. Homelessness services assist people to achieve positive change in their lives, which reduced their use of other services.

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Homelessness impacts on society

A safe and suitable place to live underpins a full and healthy life. Homelessness affects all members of society by reducing the quality of life for everyone. Ending, and preventing, homelessness means that resources can be used to meet other communal needs.

The ability to participate in community life and activities is directly affected by homelessness.

To download our fact sheet about how homelessness impacts on society click on the image to the left.