So you want to do something?

There are a number of ways you raise awareness through Homelessness Week!

take the lead 4

Host an event to raise awareness of homelessness, or host a fundraising/donation drive to raise money for a local homelessness service. Register your events on the 2016 events page.

be an activist 3

Raise awareness in your local community and commit to promoting Homelessness Week through social media channels, on your website and through other communications.

be a supporter 4

Get involved in an already established event in Homelessness Week - have a look on the 2016 Events calendar to see what events are going on in your State.

Alternatively, you could volunteer at a local service, or make a donation (either monetary, material or in-kind).

be a champion 2

Sign up to become a 'Champion of Homelessness' and get regular updates on how you can assist in alleviating and preventing homelessness in Australia. Sign up at Or find out more information here.


Sponsor Homelessness Week


Sponsorship money will go into awareness raising activites, including providing promotion material and resources to schools, organisations and individuals who hold an event during Homelessness Week. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to sponsor Homelessness Week.