Champions o Homelessness

#HomelessnessCounts during Homelessness Week 2016, 1-7 August

Homelessness is increasing in our community. Currently there are 105,000 people experiencing homelessness every night in Australia, and many more living in insecure housing, one step away from being homeless.

Everyone in our society is important. This includes those at risk of and experiencing homelessness. Homelessness Week is an important time to show everyone that ‘Homelessness Counts’ in Australia.

Homelessness is not a choice. The majority of people are homeless due to financial and emotional hardship. The biggest cause of homelessness is family and domestic violence, followed by financial difficulties. The largest proportion of Australia's homeless population is out of sight and out of mind, moving from one place to the next. These are our 'hidden homeless'.

August 9 is Census night and it is important that all persons experiencing homelessness are counted. For those who are sleeping at friends/family (couch surfing) it is important that these people write 'none' in the suburb section of the 'Usual address' question ensures you are invluded in the count. These people have previously been undercounted in the Census. This will enable appropriate funding levels for community services to adequately support people to exit homelessness.

The ABS have developed strategies for enumerating other people experiencing homelessness.

Read the full ABS Key Messages.

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