Homelessness Australia (HA) is the national peak body providing systemic advocacy for the homelessness sector in Australia. Homelessness Australia works in collaboration with homelessness assistance services, state and national homelessness peak organisations, other peak organisations, government agencies and the broader community.

Homelessness Australia was formed in late 1998 as the Australian Federation of Homelessness Organisations (AFHO) by the:

  • Council to Homeless Persons Australia (CHPA)
  • The National Youth Coalition for Housing (NYCH)
  • Women's Services Network (WESNET)

HA was established with a joint vision to proactively research, develop and promote national policy and action to reduce homelessness and its impact on the diverse range of people it affects. HA aims to achieve this vision by consulting with homelessness agencies nationally, undertaking research and policy development and educating the community about homelessness. 


HA seeks to improve community awareness and understanding of the issues facing 1 in every 200 Australians who are experiencing homelessness. HA advocates for people who are experiencing homelessness, aims to represent the interests of more than 1300 homeless assistance services, and contributes to policy development and the evaluation of Australia’s homelessness service system.

HA works collaboratively with homeless people’s associations, homelessness assistance services, state homelessness peak organisations, national peak organisations from other sectors, governments, business and the broader community to achieve these objectives.

HA represents the families, women escaping domestic violence, young people and single men and women who access the diverse support and advocacy services.