Shine a light on violence against women: trapped between violence and homelessness

On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, peak body for homelessness services, Homelessness Australia, is embarking on a 16 day campaign to shine a light on violence against women.Day 1"Domestic violence is a leading driver of homelessness in Australia," CEO of Homelessness Australia, Glenda Stevens, said. "It is the single largest reason people access homelessness services. Domestic violence is complex – a large number of people experiencing it will never seek help."


There is a direct relationship between housing, homelessness and domestic violence. A lack of alternative housing – whether it be long public housing waiting lists, lack of available crisis accommodation and lack of financial means forces many women (and their children) to choose between abuse at home or sleeping rough.

"Eliminating violence against women will dramatically reduce homelessness in Australia" Ms Stevens said. "However, the current review of the homelessness sector by the government is creating a great deal of uncertainty".

Ending violence against women, just like ending homelessness, will take time and effort. But in the meantime we can address the immediate consequences of violence, and homelessness, by funding services to give people to support they need to get back on their feet. Read our media release

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The campaign

Day 1 - Overview of violence against women

Day 2 - Who is at risk

Day 3 - Myths

Day 4 - Physical violence

Day 5 - Emotional abuse

Day 6 - Sexual violence

Day 7 - Financial abuse

Day 8  - Violence and technology

Day 9 - The signs of violence

Day 10 - Outcomes of violence

Day 11 - Surviving violence

Day 12 - How can you help?

Day 13 - Preventing violence

Day 14 - Violence and children

Day 15 - Violence and homelessness

Day 16 - Human rights

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