Shine a light on violence against women

Day 3 - myths about violence against women

day 3

  • Violence mainly occurs within racial/religious groups

Violence against women occurs in ALL communities, regardless of cultural, education or socio-economic backgrounds.
Some communities do have higher rates of DV, specifically in areas of economic or social disadvantage.

  • Some women provoke violence

Victim provocation is no more common in domestic violence than any other crime.
Many women do everything they can to please their partner and avoid further episodes. Changes in behaviour do not cause someone to be non-violent.

  • Domestic violence is a one-time event

Domestic violence is a pattern of coercion and control that one person exerts over another. It is not just one physical attack, but often includes repeated use of a number of tactics.

  • If a women leaves her partner she will be safe

Leaving a violent and controlling relationship is extremely difficult. Women often believe it is impossible to escape the violence and abuse and fear what her partner will do if she leaves.
Women often leave many times before they permanently leave. The time immediately following they are often threatened with death, experience harassment and intimidation.
Getting suitable accommodation for themselves (and their children) can be difficult. A woman may not have access to money, or anywhere to go.

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