Shine a light on violence against women

Day 7 - financial abuse

Financial abuse is a tactic used by abusers to gain power and control in a relationship.


For some, financial abuse is present throughout the relationship and in other cases it becomes present when a victim tries to leave, or has left, the relationship.

Financial abuse is one of the most powerful methods of keeping a victim in an abusive relationship.

Some of the common methods used to gain financial control over someone include:

  • Forbidding the victim to work
  • Controlling how all of the money is spent
  • Not allowing the victim access to bank accounts
  • Withholding money or giving "an allowance"
  • Exluding the victim from investment or banking decisions
  • Forbidding the victim from attending job training or advancement opportunities
  • Running up large amounts of debt on joint accounts
  • Refusing to work or contribute to the family income
  • Withholding funds for the victim or children to obtain basic needs such as food and medicine
  • Hiding assets
  • Stealing the victim's identity, property or inheritance
  • Forcing the victim to work in a family business without pay
  • Refusing to pay bills and ruining the victims' credit score
  • Forcing the victim to turn over public benefits or threatening to turn the victim in for "cheating or misusing benefits"
  • Filing false insurance claims

Thanks to the National Network to End Domestic Violence for this information.

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