Shine a light on violence against women

Day 8 - violence and technology

Technology is being used by perpetrators of domestic violence to monitor, control and humiliate a partner, or ex-partner. Examples include:

  • hacking into a victim's email and personal accounts
  • putting tracking devices into a victim's cell phone so that the abuser knows his/her location at all times
  • manipulation of social networks and violation of information privacy
  • recording or filming the victim's conversations with other people without their consent or knowledge
  • use of "revenge porn" – posting or sharing explicit images or footage. These may have been taken with or without consent, but the material circulated without consent.

However, technology can present many benefits for victims of domestic violence. Technology can provide a lifeline for those who are socially, or geographically, isolated, act at a source of information and enabling people to make informed decisions regarding their safety.





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