Shine a light on violence against women

Day 12 - how can you help?

Chances are someone you know is experiencing domestic and family violence.

Keep an eye out for the signs – read about them here:


So what can you do to support her?

  • Listen

If she is willing to talk, listen carefully and empathetically. Do not judge her. Reassure her that the violence is not her fault and don't under estimate her fear.

  • Allow her to make her own decisions

Don't criticise her, or tell her to leave. Try to understand the obstacles that prevent her from leaving.

  • Help her make a safety plan

Talk to her about how she (and her children) can remain safe. Don't pressure her to leave but help her consider the steps she can take if her partner becomes abusive again.
Make a list of people to call, suggest she has some clothing and money ready just in case. Encourage her to make copies of important documents.

  • Encourage her to speak with a specialist domestic violence services

These services understand the complexities of domestic violence and can give her support if she needs it.

The campaign

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Day 12 - How can you help?

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