Shine a light on violence against women

Day 13 - preventing violence

 Everyone can play a role in preventing, and ending, violence against women.


Education plays a large role in preventing violence from happening in the first place. Prevention starts early in life - educating and working with young girls and boys to promote respectful relationships and gender equality.

We can prevent violence against women by improving access to resources and support services, so people are able to get help early if they need it.

Prevention strategies need to focus on both whole community, and selected groups who can be missed through these whole picture strategies such as Indigenous communities and those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.


Legal reform, police training and availability of specialised services can also play a role in preventing violence.

Reforms criminalising physical, sexual and psychological abuse by partners brings violence out into the open and helps to dispel the myth that violence is a private, family matter.


Intervention programs can work with both perpetrators and victims of abuse.



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