New film shines the light on being homeless during Christmas

Christmas can be a difficult time for people experiencing homelessness. A new film, Hector, being released by 'cinema by demand' platform, TUGG, gives a unique insight into people living on the margins of society.

"Homelessness is not as uncommon as you think. Recent research has found that 1 in 8 Australians have experienced homelessness in their lifetime." CEO of Homelessness Australia, Glenda Stevens said. "People are more likely to experience homelessness than diabetes, asthma or arthritis."

On any given night in Australia, more than 105,000 people won't have a safe and secure place to call home.

"Christmas can be a particularly hard time for people experiencing homelessness" Ms Stevens said. "Uncertainty and fear is a reality faced by too many Australians. Where will they sleep, will they be able to provide presents for their children, or even if they will be able to get a meal."

Homelessness services provide essential support for people doing it tough – whether they are experiencing homelessness, or at risk of homelessness. 250,000 Australians will access homelessness services each year, with the holiday season seeing a spike in demand.

Hector is a portrait of an invisible man. Hec has been living around motorways with transient friends for years. After so long on the move he hopes to have left his past behind. This story follows his annual pilgrimage to be with his temporary Christmas family.

In Australia, the movie is being released via TUGG, the 'cinema on demand' platform. TUGG allows everyday Australians or community organisations to hire their local cinema and sell tickets via social media to one-off screenings of independent and niche movies. It's just like being given the remote control for your local cinema.

Screenings across Australia:

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About the movie: HECTOR is a road movie about family, friendship and human compassion. HECTOR is the alternative Christmas feel good film of the season, when people's thoughts naturally turn to family. Audiences responded with both laughter and tears when the film received its world premiere in competition at the 2015 Edinburgh International Film Festival. Hector McAdam (Peter Mullan) is embarking on his annual journey from Scotland to a London shelter, where Christmas cheer and a turkey dinner await him. But, aware this might be his last, Hector opts to reconnect with his past and reunite with those he left behind. Life without a home isn't easy but Hector is resilient, accepting of people, and life, as they come. He meets with friendship and kindness, disappointment and cruelty, discomfort and joy. His cross country odyssey brings chance encounters, companions old and new who need his support as much as he needs theirs.