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11/12/2015 The homeless are still homeless (AIHW Specialist Homelessness Service 2014-15)

10/10/2015 National leadership integral to ending homelessness (World Homeless Day 2015)

30/09/2015 2.35 million Australians have been homeless in their lifetime

24/09/2015 What about tonight? Women's safety package to #Stoptheviolence fails to address immediate crisis

31/07/2015 Australia steps up to end homelessness (Homelessness Prevention Week 2015)

25/06/2015 The Review of the Federation needs to grasp the full notion of homelessness

17/06/2015 New analysis shows additional $33.8m needed to address domestic violence service gap

14/05/2014 Peaks remain silenced in Federal Budget

30/04/2015 Lack of affordable housing continues to drive homelessness (Anglicare Rental Affordability Snapshot 2015)

15/04/2015 Gender and sexuality is a homelessness driver for young people (Youth Homelessness Matters Day 2015)

23/03/2015 Homelessness services can continue to change lives for another two years (NPAH funding announcement)

05/03/2015 Today's girls, tomorrow's women: our future (International Womens Day - 8 March 2015)

20/02/2015 Homelessness is a social INjustice (Social Justice Day 2015)

11/02/2015 Peaks essential to consultation process

09/02/2015 CEOs from 50 homelessness agencies appeal to Scott Morrison to end funding uncertainty in open letter


23/12/2014 Funding cuts leave a housing and homelessness vacuum

15/12/2014 Specialist Homelessness Services' client numbers outstrip population growth - AIHW SHS 2013-14 Annual Report

10/12/2014 Domestic violence and homelessness: violations of human rights - Human Rights Day forum

25/11/2014 Shine a light on violence against women - trapped between violence and homelessness

09/10/2014 Homelessness messes with your head - World Homeless Day / World Mental Health Day

02/10/2014  Moving from homelessness to housing is hard work

1/10/2014   Homelessness increasing among older women

10/09/2014 Mythbusting our homeless - NHC2014

08/09/2014 What happens next? Ending homelessness - NHC2014

01/08/2014 Stand up on homelessness: because we can't afford to ignore it

19/06/2014 Homelessness: we can't afford to ignore it - CEO Sleepout 2014

02/05/2014 NCOA fails to recognise the complexities of homelessness

09/04/2014 YHMD - Homelessness is a life sentence for young people

11/03/2014 We aren't going to let people down - Prime Minister on NPAH funding

08/03/2014 International Women's Day 2014


17/12/2013 2012-13 AIHW SHS Annual Report - Overseas hotel or homeless shelter?

25/11/2013 White Ribbon Day - Violence: a leading cause of homelessness

08/11/2013 Response to abolition of the National Housing Supply Council

31/10/2013 Homelessness sector welcomes Minister's interest in collaboration

08/09/2013 2013 Federal Election - time to focus on what's important

11/08/2013 Major parties still haven’t committed to the efforts necessary to halve homelessness by 2020

02/08/2013 Homelessness: it's not what you think

07/07/2013 HA collaborates with beyondblue for project on depression

01/07/2013 Homelessness services deliver but too many in need - SHS Jul-Dec 2012 data release

21/06/2013 HA responds to the Greens homelessness policy release

5/06/2013 Homelessness needs to remain a priority - HA responds to the COAG Reform Council report on homelessness