Homelessness Australia regularly produces submissions and policy papers on homelessness and related fields.


pdfEnding and Preventing Older Women's Experiences of Homelessness in Australia (Joint Submission of Homelessness Australia and Equality Rights Alliance to the Senate Inquiry on the Economic Security of Older Women)

pdfJob Services Australia streaming of young people who access homelessness services: a survey of services

pdfHomelessness Australia submission to the Inquiry into the impact on service quality, efficiency and sustainability of recent Commonwealth community service tendering processes by the Department of Social Services

pdfHomelessness Australia Submission on Priorities for the Federal Budget 2015-16


pdfHomelessness Australia Submission to the Senate Affordable Housing inquiry (December 2014)

pdfHomelessness Australia Submission on the Review of Australia's Welfare System

pdfHomelessness Australia Submission on Priorities for the Federal Budget 2014-15


pdfSubmission on the proposed Housing Payments Deduction Scheme

pdfHomelessness Australia 2013 Election Platform
Homelessness Australia calls on all parties to commit to ending and preventing homelessness. (February)

pdfPre-budget submission 2013/14
Homelessness Australia’s key priorities and recommendations for the 2013/14 Federal budget. (January)

pdfOutcomes_from_the_2012_Homelessness_Australia_Conference.pdf (January)


ico pdfPolicy paper: Keeping a home among the gum trees: exploring risk of homelessness in 21st century Australia (November)

This paper is concerned with people who are more likely than average to experience homelessness in future. It explores complexity surrounding definitions of 'risk' (particularly to young people) and their use in overseas homelessness definitions, outlines structural and other factors which increase risks of homelessness and focuses on particular groups at risk of homelessness and how services available to them might be improved.

pdfSubmission in Response to the ABS discussion paper on the methodological review of Counting the Homeless 2006
This paper was developed by HA to inform the methodological review of Counting the Homeless. (June)

pdfEvidence Based Policy Paper: Sector Diversity
This paper provides a snapshot of the diversity of the community sector and the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to diversity in a current policy climate of significant reform and a new regulatory framework. (May)

pdfEvidence based policy paper: Early Intervention and Prevention
This evidence based policy paper seeks to define early intervention and prevention in both a homelessness and broader community services/social work contexts. It asks: What is the difference between early intervention and prevention and explores models of service delivery that are achieving positive results. (April)

pdfPre-budget submission 2012/13
Click here to read Homelessness Australia’s budget priority statement for the 2012/13 Federal budget. (January)

pdfMaking the grade? Homelessness Australia’s White Paper Report Card
This document is Homelessness Australia interim report card on the implementation of the homelessness White Paper, The Road Home. Our assessments are based on information provided by members who responded to requests for input and reports that were publicly available at the time. (January)

Homelessness Australia provided evidence to the Senate Inquiry into the adequacy of allowance payments for jobseekers and others. This is our submission addressing the terms of reference for that Inquiry in which we contend that the payments are inadequate and must be increased. (August)

pdfHA Submission: National Quality Framework
Our submission in response to the exposure draft Homelessness Bill 2012, in which we called for the legislation to be strengthened and expressed disappointment at the fact that it was not rights based. (August)

pdfSubmission in response to the regulation impact statement for the national regulatory system for community housing providers
Homelessness Australia’s submission in response to the regulation impact statement and the proposed national regulatory framework for community housing providers. (January)

pdfSubmission to consultation on the consolidation of anti-discrimination laws
The review of Commonwealth discrimination law offers an important opportunity to ensure that discrimination law contributes as effectively as possible, to the objectives of the achievement of equality in Australian society and the removal of discriminatory barriers to participation and opportunity. Click here to read Homelessness Australia’s submission. (January)


pdfStates of Being: An evidence based policy paper exploring the links between homelessness and mental illness
This paper explores the links between homelessness and mental illness and outlines programs and services delivered by some of our member organisations that are achieving good outcomes for people with a history of housing insecurity and mental illness. It also proposes a series of recommendations aimed at improving health, wellbeing and housing outcomes as well as access to mental health services. (December)

pdfBacking up the down-payment: An evidence based policy paper on the NAHA and NPAH
This paper explores the two dominant funding instruments for homelessness services in Australia, the National Affordable Housing Agreement and the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness. (September)

pdfSAAP Reform: The National Affordable Housing Agreement and Service Reform across the nation
This paper explores the impact that the loss of SAAP as a dedicated program has had on service delivery and the various reform processes that were underway across Australia in 2010 and 11. It looks at the new funding environment and how services are faring under the National Affordable Housing Agreement. (May)

pdfMaking Them All Count: Issues to consider when enumerating homelessness in Australia
This evidence based policy paper explores issues to do with counting people experiencing homelessness using the Census. It explores issues of over-counting and under-counting and provides examples of groups likely to be experiencing homelessness on Census night but not identified as such based on the information they provide on their Census form. (April)

Click here to read Homelessness Australia’s submission in response to the consultation paper on the development of a National Quality Framework to support quality services for people experiencing homelessness. (April)


pdfSubmission in response to the exposure draft on compulsory income management
pdfSubmission in response to the discussion paper on the regulation and growth of the not for profit housing sector


pdf1st submission to the ABS methodological review of Counting the Homeless 2006
pdfSubmission in response to House of Representatives Inquiry into the content of new homelessness legislation
pdfWord from the wise: White Paper response
pdfWhite Paper Issues Paper
pdfHA Submission JSCEM
pdfHA Submission: Green Paper
pdfHA Submission: Review of Job Capacity Assessment
pdfHA Submission: Child Protection


pdfHA Submission: Employment services review
pdfHA Submission: Senate Inquiry into amendments to social security
pdfHA Submission: National Rental Affordability Scheme