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Homelessness Week 2023

December 9, 2022

What is Homelessness Week?

In Australia there are almost 123,000 people experiencing homelessness on any given night. Homelessness Week aims to raise awareness of the impact of homelessness, the solutions needed to end homelessness and to educate communities on how they can make a difference. During the week homelessness services and community groups educate the community and advocate for change via national and local community events, media and social media activities.


When is Homelessness Week?

Homelessness Week 2023 will take place from Sunday August 6 to Saturday August 12.


What is the theme? How do I get involved?

In 2023 the theme for Homelessness Week is ”It’s time to end homelessness”.

in 2023, the Federal Government are developing a 10-year National Housing and Homelessness Plan. Our aim is for the plan to be ambitious and include the reforms needed outside the homelessness service system that are critical to ending homelessness, like  people having adequate incomes, access to affordable housing, freedom from violence, and the support they need.

To find out more Bookmark this page, keep an eye on our social media, and check back as the year unfolds to find out ways you can support the campaign.


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