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Homelessness Resources

We have put together guides and resources about best practice responses to homelessness and fact sheets for advocacy to end homelessness.

Browse through these resources below.

Housing First Resources

Housing First has been adopted internationally as best practice for providing sustainable housing for people who have experienced long term or repeated homelessness. Underpinning the model is a clear set of principles that outline the approaches and core values of Housing First.

Housing First Train the Trainer Program

Homelessness Australia is seeking expressions of interest from advanced homelessness practitioners to become active Housing First trainers across Australia. This train-the-trainer program will be led by internationally trained Housing First practice leaders.

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Housing First Principles and National Webinar Series

Housing First is now recognised internationally as the most successful model to end  homelessness for people with high support needs who have experienced long term or recurring homelessness. Explore the description of each principle and watch the webinars to gain a deeper insight into the principle in practice.


About Housing First and FAQ

Find out about Housing First, including who Housing First is for, the applicability to young people, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, or women, and the history of this work. Access links to research and other resources.


LGBTIQ+ Inclusive Practice Guide for Homelessness and Housing Sectors in Australia

This aims to provide a practical set of principles to implement systems and cultural change, as well as to serve as a source of useful information for people in the LGBTIQ+ community who are or might be accessing these services.


Fact Sheets to inform advocacy

Homelessness Australia's vision is to end homelessness. This will only be possible with significant change to government policies to enable everyone to have the housing, income and support they need to gain and sustain a home. You can help end homelessness by adding your voice to advocacy. Use the resources below to inform your work.

Adequacy of Job Seeker Fact Sheet

This Fact Sheet provides information about the adequacy of Job Seeker to enable people who are looking for work to afford to rent.


Adequacy of Youth Allowance Fact Sheet

This Fact Sheet provides information about the adequacy of Youth Allowance to enable young people to afford to rent.


Child and Youth Homelessness Fact Sheet

This Fact Sheet provides information about the incidence, causes, risks and solutions to child and youth homelessness.


Homelessness Factsheets

Homelessness NSW prepared these resources in response to the 2016 Census data and to assist with understanding homelessness in Australia. Perfect for journalists, researchers or those wanting to know more in-depth details, these infographics include analysis of cohorts from rough sleeping to older people to a local government analysis.




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