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Housing First resources

Australian and international evidence demonstrates that delivery of a “high-fidelity” Housing First approach (that is, an approach with a high adherence to the Housing First principles) is both very successful and economically viable.

During the development of the Housing First Principles for Australia, consistency with a high-fidelity model was ensured by drawing on:

  • Housing First principles used in the United States, Canada, Europe and England, synthesised to form a consistent set of principles
  • language and learnings from Housing First manuals developed in both Europe and England have been incorporated
  • insights from Train the Trainer delivered by the European Housing First Hub
  • practice experience and knowledge of Australian Housing First practitioners participating in the European Train the Trainer program
  • input from Indigenous practitioners indicating how the principles can reference and reflect their cultural context.

This page contains a range of resources about Housing First principles and how to apply them.


Australian Housing First resources
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International Housing First resources
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Information for practitioners
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Information for policymakers
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Information for program managers
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Information for housing providers
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Information for commissioners
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