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Train the Trainer program

The Housing First Train the Trainer program is an  initiative supporting advanced homelessness practitioners to become active Housing First trainers across Australia.

Led by internationally trained Housing First practice leaders, the program provides quality training in the skills and methodologies required to develop and deliver Housing First training to the Australian homelessness sector and beyond.

About the program

Homelessness Australia is working with the Housing First Europe Hub to develop and roll-out Housing First training across Australia. The program is funded by Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation and supported by Council to Homeless Persons.

Round 3 of the Train the Trainer program will result in 15 specialised trainers delivering Housing First capacity building within the specialist homelessness sector and beyond. The trainers will support advocacy for the expansion of Housing First programs and expand the sector’s capability in delivering Housing First programs.

As part of the program, the Housing First Australia Community of Practice provides an ongoing platform to share ideas, support implementation, develop practice, and embed Housing First as an evidence-based response to people without a home who have complex needs.

The Housing First Train the Trainer program is underpinned by the Housing First principles for Australia. The program involves an initial six-week training period, followed by a face to face Masterclass an an ongoing commitment (for a minimum of two years) undertaking program activities.

Training details

Delivery method: Online and face to face

Timeline: One day a week for six weeks online followed by 3-4 days face to face

The train the trainer course will be conducted online with a follow-up in-person Masterclass and will be delivered through a series of:

  • Workshops including developing training outlines and activities
  • Pre and post workshop learning activities
  • Showcases including sharing training activities

The Masterclass will be conducted in person and will consist of:

  • Collaborative work to develop shared content for delivery in Australia
  • Showcases including sharing training activities.




15 participants undertake preparatory work and attend six one day sessions of the Housing First Australia train the trainer program


August – September 2023


25 participants (including participants in Rounds one and two attend a 3-4 day onsite training in the Gold Coast


Early 2024


Continue involvement in the Housing First Australia project through:

  • Identifying and recruiting trainees
  • Developing and delivering Housing First training
  • Participating in the Housing First Australia Community of Practice


September 2023 onwards


Funding for the project by the Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation means there is no upfront cost for participating in the training, including the cost of travel and accommodation to the in-person training, which is covered by the project.

Organisations need to commit to release staff on full pay to participate in the full training program, and to make staff available for participating in training delivery activities after the training.

Participant eligibility

To be eligible for the training participants must:

  • Be an advanced homelessness practitioner with a deep understanding of the Housing First principles and their application in practice
  • Be passionate about Housing First and have a demonstrated understanding of Housing First principles, evidence and implementation challenges
  • Have excellent training and/or presentation skills
  • Have approval and support from their employing organisation to participate in both the training and then the training delivery
  • With support from the Australian Train the Trainer team, commit to developing, recruiting and delivering Housing First training both internally in your organisation and to a minimum of 3 external or sector based groups
  • Participate in Housing First Train the Trainer Community of Practice over a two-year period.

Organisational support

Participants must have the support of their organisation to take part in the program.

Supporting organisations must have:

  1. Strong understanding of, and commitment to, Housing First programs and principles
  2. Experience in delivering Housing First program
  3. CEO level support from organisation to commit to the Program for a minimum of two years and support the staff member to play a leading role in developing and providing Housing First training for Australian practitioners including releasing the staff member on full pay to:
    • Attend the six-day Housing First Australia Train the Trainer Program
    • Attend the in person session
    • Develop and deliver Housing First training consistent with Australian Housing First principles
    • Identify and recruit training participants
    • Deliver Housing First training as an in-kind contribution
    • Participate in Housing First Australia Community of Practice.


Once participants have completed the six-week training course, it is expected that they will use concepts learnt to develop and adapt their own training package tailored for delivery in the local context. Existing materials developed by previous cohorts will be shared and the Community of Practice is working toward a consistent package for delivery.

Participating organisations are expected to support graduating trainers to deliver training internally in their organisation and to a minimum of 3 external or sector based groups.

How to apply

To attract the highest standard of participants, and to maximise equitable access to Housing First training across Australia, Homelessness Australia is welcoming expressions of interest from participants and their employers.

To apply for this exciting opportunity, download the expression of interest here.

Please return the attached application form by 8.30am on Tuesday 16 June 2023 by email to chp@chp.org.au. 

Before submitting your expression of interest, you are encouraged to contact the lead trainer in your region to discuss the project in detail.

Leah Watkins NT, WA and SA 0468 654 311 leah.watkins@hcau.org.au


Rosie Dodd VIC, QLD and TAS 0429 895 925  rosemary.dodd@launchhousing.org.au


Liam Colvin NSW and ACT 0400 651 255 liam.colvin@yesunlimited.com.au



About the Housing First Europe Hub

There is strong international evidence that Housing First programs end homelessness for most people with complex needs.

In support of international best practice, Homelessness Australia has been accepted as an Associate Member of the Housing First Europe Hub (the Hub). The Hub has the strategic aim of promoting and supporting the implementation of Housing First in Europe and beyond. It acts as a repository for Housing First research; supports practice through the Housing First Europe Guide and Housing First training; and develops resources to assist partners to advocate for Housing First.

The Hub is an activity of the European Federation of National Organisations working with the Homeless (FEANTSA) and is administered by the Y-Foundation in Finland.

In 2019, four experienced Australian Housing First practice leaders travelled to Europe to undertake specialised Housing First training and skills development with the Hub. In addition to the support from LMCF, in-kind support for these practitioners to participate, is being provided by Homelessness NSW, Launch Housing in Victoria, Micah Projects in Queensland and Ruah Community Services in Western Australia.  These experienced practitioners have now completed this specialised training and have designed and delivered the first round of the Housing First train the trainer program to Housing First practitioners in Australia.


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